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T-N-T Stables VT-02 NBHA Barrel Racing 

T-N-T  Stables(VT-02 NBHA Barrel Racing ) (Barre Vt.)

Vt-02 NBHA held at T-N-T Stables in Barre,Vt.

Start time will be at 10:00 am

T-N-T Stables has been hosting Vt-02 NBHA barrel races for over 5 years now, In our Riding ring which is  150' X 200' and we have had a blast doing so. We have watch this district grow and we hope to see it grow more.  We take pride in our ring and we do our best to keep it safe and equal for each rider, Here is to a great 2015 season can't wait to see everyone.. Who is ready to barrel race??

Also want  to let everyone know we will have someone taking pictures at all of our shows


 Here are our dates for 2015 season

T-N-T STABLES VT-02 NBHA shows start @10:00


    June 7th

July 12th

Aug. 9th

Aug. 30th

Sept. 27th

These are all Double Headers ( Two shows on the same day)

  But  just to let everyone know the NBHA dates our Sanctioned by T-N-T Stables

All About Gymkhana

Gymkhana is the action packed, precision sport of the equestrian world. A good Gymkhana horse must have the speed of a race horse, the turning quickness and agility of a cutting horse and the control and responsiveness of the stock horse.

The word `Gymkhana' is thought to have originated in India, probably meaning 'games on horseback'. The English military, during the Colonial period, used horses for both transportation and military maneuvers. On Sunday afternoons, the calvary would compete in horseback games to sharpen their horsemanship for war. Thus, Gymkhana had it's beginning. Through the years different events have been added, some of which originated in Europe and others which were developed in this country. A short history of the sport.  


 Pole Bending can easily be seen as good training for a Calvary charge through dense forest. The Rescue Race and Cowhide Race were originated by the Native American Indians as a way to rescue their comrades in battle. Similarly, the Speedball Race may have derived from the Native American Indians counting "coup" in which they would touch their enemies without harming them. The Pony Express Race, of course, simulates the old time Pony Express rider who delivered the mail between St. Louis and Sacramento in the Old West.

 In recent years Gymkhana has been steadily gaining in popularity. New events have been designed for competition between riders which bring into play the abilities of the rider and the speed and handiness of the horse. A number of events such as Barrel Racing, Pole Bending and the Keyhole Race, can be found at gymkhanas throughout the United States.

   Gymkhana wasn't considered to be a full fledged sport but was seen as fun events or play-days as relief from serious classes in  Western Shows. A place for everyone It was time for the sport of Gymkhana to come into it's own and that this could best be accomplished by concentrating time, energy and money on only Gymkhana.

Today, there are gymkhana clubs through out vermont that has grown into the biggest and finest Gymkhana organization. Gymkhana has come a long way since it started in 1972.   































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